Curis Facility Management

Curis Facility Management (Pty) Ltd (CurisFM) provides a unique service to both the public and the private sector. Curis is latin for “healthcare” because we offer expertise and advice in Facility Management of Healthcare Facilities.


CurisFM was established in 2016 to provide a comprehensive advisory, planning and operational management service that focuses on the Infrastructure that is needed to support clinical services.  In this sense “infrastructure” refers to everything from the building which includes the fabric and materials that shape the space; the plant, machinery and systems that support the space as well as the equipment or Health Technology which includes the specialised medical equipment, furniture and loose items needed to deliver the clinical services.


This unique service we offer was shaped through our various experiences with a large number of health facility management projects, both public and private, at all levels, be that planning, commissioning and operations.


Although the company is quite new, it is made up of people who have, amongst them more than 100 years of experience in this domain.